Outdoor Styling

Outdoor styling, garden styling

The diversity and range of outdoor furnishings and finishes has grown incredibly over the past 2 years as our love for the outdoors continues to swell. Material choices for soft furnishings and hard finishes is diverse, making each outdoor area a unique extension of your interior style.

Outdoor styling by layering textures, elements and finishes stimulates interest and creates depth, encouraging exploration throughout your outdoor areas. Our outdoor rooms are being styled to complement our indoor tastes, making areas attractive and more functional. Consider how you could ‘dress’ your outdoor area…Here are out top 10 hints:

  1. Choose a colour scheme or theme that complements your indoor styling.
  2. Throw down a stylish outdoor rug to frame the space.
  3. Find the right outdoor furniture for the area – is it dining, lounging?
  4. Outdoor cushions will provide comfort and style.
  5. Add your own personal touches with some potted plants or sculptures or wall art.
  6. Consider using feature tiling as an added layer – BBQ bench top or as a paving border.
  7. Create ambiance with mood lighting.
  8. There is nothing better than watching an open flame – wood fire pit or bio-ethanol burners.
  9. Why not pick a bouquet of your fresh home-grown flowers for a table/bench display.
  10. Have an outdoor dining kit at the ready – glasses, stylish jug, bottle opener, napkins.

Styling your outdoor area the right way helps to maximize time spent in your garden. It’s one thing to admire a beautiful garden, but quite another to experience it.

outdoor style, garden style outdoor styling