When should you fertilize?

lawn fertilizeWhen should you fertilize?

You should fertilize your lawn during early spring (just when the weather is warming up). You want your lawn in the best possible condition so it performs well through the summer period. Of course,a regular fertilizing schedule (spring, summer and autumn) along with wetting agent applications to help the soil take up and use valuable moisture. De-thatching and top dressing, depending on your lawn type, should also be a part of your lawn care routine during spring.

We prefer and use slow-release fertilizer that releases nutrients over a 2-3 month period. The Scotts range has been around for years and continues to be a leader in quality lawn care products.

Water it in…

Most fertilizers these days can be applied in the cool of the day and not need watering in. As a safeguard, we still recommend applying in the cool of the day, use your blower to remove any product that migrates onto your drive or paving, and then follow up with a 10 minute water application to help settle the fertilizer and prevent leaf burn.